Telsa the Healing Dog

I have been inspired to produce a book about my life with Telsa and our lifelong healing partnership.

In this book I am sharing the story of Telsa’s life and how she healed me, my son and countless others as my healing partner during her lifetime. Even now, after her passing, she continues to work with and through me to heal and transform lives.

“Telsa the Healing Dog” is available now for £5.99.

Testimonial from Diana Cooper…..
This is the amazing true story of a boxer dog who had an extraordinary healing gift. The author’s love for this beautiful animal shines from the pages as she describes how Telsa convinced even sceptics of the power of healing. Rosemary explains how her boxer opened people’s hearts and that those who were terrified of dogs changed so completely, they started to love them too. If you love dogs and Angels and are ready to open your heart then this is the book for you.