British Healers Association

britishhealersflyerTraining consists of twelve “Level of Healing” days. One weekend bi-monthly over 12 months.

Healing Module

Level one – What is healing: History of healing, Attunement, Beginning meditation, Distance healing, Energy work.

Level two – Disease: How healing works, Meditation, Awareness, Contact healing, Physical body, Passing energy.

Level three – Chakra system: Body scanning, Chakra meditation, Central coloumn clearing, Healing practise.

Level four – Auras: What are they, Colour meditation, Pyschometry, Sensing from client, Contact healing.

Level five – Code of conduct: Complaints and disciplinary, Record keeping, Healing and the law, Developments.

Personal skills module

Levels 6 to 12 – this may include the following : Feeling and thinking, Stress and stressbusting, Communication, Listening skills, Body language, Dealing with loss, Illness and death, Grief, Animal healing module.


After each of the Days 1-5 there will be a related assignment which will be based upon the content of the individual day. These are given to ascertain that the essence of the day has been absorbed and fully understood.

Days 6-12 have one seperate assignment, which takes the form of a journal and covers all the Personal Learning Experiences of the PS Module.

Courses are being run in Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, York, Nunthorpe and Newcastle upon Tyne For more information please contact Caroline on 07960 202391 or Barbara on 07712 205602