Rosemary Stephenson

Rosemary’s music reaches many countries in Europe, South Africa, Egypt, USA, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Rosemary is an Organiser and healer/trainer – BHA (British Healers Association) with wide experience – singing with groups including the Halle Choir (Manchester), Northern Sinfonia (Newcastle upon Tyne) & English Concert Singers (London).

Together with her son Joseph, Rosemary produces the quarterly Celestial Connections Magazine. She has also written a book, “Telsa the Healing Dog”, about her life with Telsa and their lifelong healing partnership. In this book Rosemary shares the story of Telsa’s life and how she healed Rosemary, her son and countless others as her healing partner during her lifetime. Even now, after Telsa’s passing, Telsa continues to work with and through Rosemary to heal and transform lives.