Gaiadon Heart

The Gaiadon Heart is a system of spiritual ascension and healing that embodies the perfect balance of male-female integrated God-Goddess energy. Through guided meditations with visual aids, working with love and light energy, you raise your vibrational level to activate your light body (aumkabah) and enhance your spiritual potential to assist others in their spiritual path. This is an extraordinary journey of self-awareness in which you explore the deepest potential of your inner consciousness and receive many powerful encodings.

As we and the planet near the end of this 26,000-year cycle with its rapid acceleration toward ascension into higher dimensions, I am pleased and honoured to offer training in The Gaiadon Heart, learning to use the Aumkabah Keys of Ascension.

1. The 33rd Degree Unity

Aumkabah of Love incorporating the 33rd Degree Unity Holomatrix of Love.

Your light body transforms into the 33rd Degree Holomatrix of Love through many sacred encodements.

As you activite your Unity Aumkabah, your Universal Aumkabah and then your Infinty Aumkabah, you receive:

The 33rd Degree Unity Aumkabah Activiation
The Sacred Ankh – Ankh
Heart Activation
The Gaiadon Ascension Portal
The 33rd Degree Universal Aumkabah Activation
The 33rd Degree Infinity Aumkabah Activation
333 Pulse Akashic Re-Patterning Activation
The Pleiades Initiation
The Orion Heart Activation with the wisdon of Qabbalah
The Unconditional Love Activation
The Infinty Abundance Activation
The Quintessence Activations
The Gaiadon Infinity Healing
The Infinity Qadosh Mantra Initiation
The Infinity Gaiatra Mantra Initiation
The Galactic Core Re-alignment Initiation
And much more.. This unique four day seminar completely prepares your light body for ascension and totally enhances your spiritual potential to assist others in their spiritual path.

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These will be facilitator courses as Rosemary is a Master Facilitator.