Crescendo Reiki of Sacred Sound

A powerful Ancient Sacred Sound Healing System brought forward through Rosemary. THOTH (Hermes Trismegistus) the Atlantean/Egyptian Master will oversee this workshop together with numerous Masters and Archangels of Sacred Sound and Light.

This Sacred Reiki Sound Healing system, Crescendo Reiki Of Sacred Sound was given to me by Thoth, The Atlantean and Ancient Egyptian Master and……. Master Hilarion, The Sound Master of Atlantis and Board Member of The InterGalactic Council…..Two great Beings of Light.

It all began for me in the Great Pyramid of Giza where Thoth gave me some tools and the sacred Sound symbols to work with. After returning home I then continued over a few weeks getting more information from Thoth for this amazing course. It is a powerful and deep connection to your soul energy, soul mission and sacred sound Angels, who will continue to work with you through your voice, not only to heal others but also to heal yourself at a crystalline cellular level.
As we know Sacred sound and music can transmute and dissolve the most dense of energies in the cells, organs, glands and every part of the physical body for a profound healing

LEVEL 1…….has 8 Sacred Sound Symbols which are different from Reiki symbols and on a higher frequency. They connect us to the higher planetary energies which are instrumental in our spiritual growth for Ascension.

*We will also connect to the profound sonic energies of the Whales and the Dolphins..

* We are attuned to Hathor who will also be instrumental in your Sound healing
* St Francis and St Clare’s energies of love and compassion also connect to this healing system

* Egyptian Meditations to reconnect us once more to the Great Mysteries of the Universe with Thoth.

LEVEL 2 …….

* 12 Sacred Sound Symbols and connects and attunes us to the higher Kaballah energies through music/Sound.
* Attunement to the Archangels of the Kaballah through Sound

*Spirit of Saquarra attunement

*Full Planetary Attunement.

*Reconnection again to Thoth in this lifetime and the Emerald Tablets through sacred sound.

Please contact Rosemary for any more information.

The workshop consists of…

    • Purification with the Elohim.
    • Attunement to the Planets through sound with Hilarion (the Atlantean Sound Master), Chamsiel, Handriel and Adraziel, Archangels of Sacred Sound.
    • Attunement to the highest dimensions through Reiki Sound Symbols, chants of the Cosmos (Harmony of the Spheres) aided by special crystal singing bowls and Rosemary’s voice.
    • Divine connection to the highest dimensions.

If this course resonates with you and you are interested in the Power of Sound as a healing system please contact Rosemary on:
[email protected] or 07775854640