Celestial Sound Certificate

This 3 day workshop is mainly to learn the practical side of soundwork with crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, balinise bells, gong, voicework and music, percussion and drums.

We will also be touching on some theory about these instruments and how the ancients were using these methods thousands of years ago, My intent is to help you feel ready to go out there, feeling confident enough to run your own workshops as well as healing individual clients too.

We will be meditating with the bowls and voice to prepare you and your energies for this powerful sacred work.

Using these instruments for personal and group space clearing, grounding, protecting and chakra and energy work and purification.

Feeling the rhythm with the drums, group drumming to shift energies, drum meditations, styles of drums and percussion.

We will be learning chants and mantras, affirmations, toning and singing together to free your natural beautiful voice….and your throat chakra, whilst raising your vibrations, all overlit by the Angelic Hierarchy and Ascended Masters.

Come and enjoy…… have some fun….sing your heart out….. while you learn.

Love and angel blessings Rosemary