NEW……SPIRITUAL VOICE WORK SESSIONS………. individual and also group sessions.

1-1 individual sessions and also small group sessions will raise the frequency/vibration of your speaking and singing voice to the highest level available at this time. Channelling Powerful healing through your voice Working with the Sacred Sound Masters, Archangels and Angels of light.

Please contact Rosemary for more detailed information and availability of appointments.
Each voice session is a 2 hour session for 1-1……and 3+ hours for small group session.
These sessions will also empower those wanting to open their voice for speaking only.

Rosemary is still living in South Cheshire until July 2017 then she will be moving back to North Yorkshire in August 2017
Next small group session is Saturday 1st April in South Cheshire

Individual session appointments available on request

Workshops 2018/2019

Workshop venue North Yorkshire unless otherwise stated.



February 3rd and 4th CROSS….Crescendo Reiki Of Sacred Sound…level 1

February 9th to 12th Celestial sacred Sound Cert in Nuremburg, Germany Contact details Cornelia Mohr…email

February 14th to 18th  CROSS Crescendo Reiki of Sacred Sound in Karlsruhe, Germany

February 24/25th  Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate Level 1


March 1st to 8th ……RETREAT to Israel, The Holy Land….. see details

March 16,17,18th …Angelic Reiki level 1 and 2…Richmond, North Yorks

March 17th and 18th….Connecting to the sounds of Lemurian Healing


April 1st and 2nd…ascension to higher sound and light…..

April 15th …..Angelic Reiki Association Event at Holmfirth, Yorks

April 21st and 22 and 23rd.……. Gaiadon Heart level 1A………


May 4,5,6th Angelic Reiki level 3 and 4 Teachers…Richmond, North Yorks

May 12th and 13th …..CROSS Crescendo Reiki of Sacred Sound Level 1

May 26th and 27th …..MBS Olympia London


June 1st to 4th …..Angel Congress, Stuttgard, Germany

June 30th HAY HOUSE World Angel Summit, Bristol….see Hay House Website


July 20,21,22nd Angelic Reiki level 1 and 2….North Yorks

July 28 and 29th Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate level 1….North Yorks


August 18/19th Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate level 1 at The Unicorn Tree, Darlington


September 7,8,9th Angelic Reiki level 1 and 2

September 14th 15th and 16th .. Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate Level 1

September 22/23rd Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate level 1

September 28,29,30,October 1st RETREAT TO ASSISI & SIENA with Diana Cooper and Rosemary – see full details here


October 12,13,14th Gaiadon Heart level 1A

October 19,20,21st Angelic Reiki Masters level 3 and 4

October 27,28th  CROSS level 1 Workshop


November 11th Atlantean Ascension Workshop with Tim Whild and Rosemary at Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate, Yorks see full details

November 17 and 18th Gaiadon Heart level 2

November 24th, 25th Celestial Sacred Sound Certificate level 1 – CANCELLED

November 24th, 25th DIANA COOPER 2 day Workshop in Munich, Germany with Rosemary Stephenson. Contact for more information

November 30th, December 1st and 2nd…Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2



January 11,12,13th Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2
January 14,15,16th Angelic Reiki Level 3 & 4
(Attunements with crystal bowls/instruments and Rosemary’s singing voice)


February 2/3rd celestial Sacred Sound Certificate level 1

February 25th to March 4th, Angeliic Reiki, KARLSRUHE, Germany, please contact for details


March 16/17th Crescendo Reiki of Sacred Sound CROSS level 2

March 30/31st Reconnection to the Ancient Sounds of Lemurian Healing….New Course see info on website.


May 1st Banff, Canada Retreat with Diana Cooper and Rosemary
More details to follow

May 25/26th Angel Congress, Salzburg, Austria