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Welcome to Celestial Light Healers


Hello and welcome to Celestial Light Healers I am Rosemary Stephenson. In the photo you can see me and my special healing dog TELSA, who sadly passed over to the light in 2009 but is still working with me and guiding my healing sessions and my life from the Spirit World.

I live just outside the beautiful Market Town of Bedale on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales where I hold many of my Spiritual Courses of Music, Sound and also Ascension.

Working with the Ascended Masters and Angels/Archangels of Light enables me to live my dreams whilst passing these vibrations on to others. My main passion is music and singing. I gained much of my experience from attending Music College, singing with The Halle Choir in Manchester, Northern Sinfonia, Newcastle and English Concert Singers internationally.

I have spent most of my life involved in all aspects of music and singing, including soul and Jazz. Having been brought up in a very musical family was wonderful, especially with my Father, to whom I will be eternally grateful for the enhancement of my musical gifts and passions.

Singing and chanting has been an invaluable "therapy" for myself on my own personal spiritual journey and I feel the passion to help and share with others the power of this high vibrational energy in their everyday lives also.

We all have the ability to sing. It is amazing when we can let go and release the fear of expressing ourselves in this way, what beautiful sounds we can produce.

Continue to enjoy this most amazing journey as I am too. Face the challenges head-on and the rewards will be great!

Lots of love and many blessings Rosemary
Teacher of....

Rosemary's music reaches many countries in Europe, South Africa, Egypt, USA, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Organiser and healer/trainer - BHA (British Healers Association)
Wide experience - singing with groups including the Halle Choir (Manchester), Northern Sinfonia (Newcastle upon Tyne) & English Concert Singers (London).


The Healing Dog

I have been inspired to produce a book about my life with Telsa and our lifelong healing partnership. In this book I am sharing the story of Telsa's life. How she healed me, my son and countless others as my healing partner during her lifetime. Even now, after her passing, she continues to work with and through me to heal and transform lives. "Telsa the Healing Dog" is available now. Please follow the link on the right.

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